network setup on boottime broken for atheros

Tobi Vollebregt tobivollebregt at
Tue Feb 14 21:10:38 GMT 2006

Op dinsdag 14 februari 2006 20:58, schreef Martin Ammermüller:
> Hello list!
> After a recent update ( a week ago IIRC) i got problems with the network
> setup on boottime for my atheros wlan card. The interface is brought up
> (and i can ping my wlan-router and other IPs on the LAN), but the
> default route and/or dns is not set up properly. After i do a manual
> "sudo ifdown ath0; sudo ifup ath0" everythings fine.

Could this be related to bug # 29916?

> Regards,
> Martin Ammermüller

Tobi Vollebregt

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