[kubuntu-devel] kubuntu-defaults

Anthony Mercatante anthony.mercatante at laposte.net
Tue Feb 14 13:41:13 GMT 2006

> > The Open Terminal and Fine files options being removed from konqueror
> > tool menu no mean that for someone to find a file they need to learn to
> > use find or locate, and in order to open a shell at a location they have
> > to open a konsole and then cd to the directory where they want to
> > operate. I fail to see how that will make things simpler for anyone.
> Find files is back in dapper.
> What's the advantage of Open Terminal over opening konsole?

The open-terminal option is available on dapper using F8, and open-konsole 
using F4.
I personnaly agree with the fact that the open-terminal isn't necessary for 
the average users, and doesn't appear in the menus...
Anyway, documenting the F8 shortcut in the desktop documentation on the way 
could be interesting.

> > The ability to browse archives as folders removed from konqueror means
> > someone has to unzip any archive before they use it, and for the
> > layperson choosing a directory to extract to can be more daunting than
> > simply dragging and dropping the files to another konqueror window. Plus
> > the ability to operate on files in an archive itself can be rather
> > useful. I have many e-books I leave tared or zipped and use konqueror's
> > browsable zip:/ and tar:/ features exclusively for them.
> I'm still undecided either way on this, if it is better to open archive
> files in ark or in konqueror.

Well, the problem is that it is not possible to browse every kind of files in 
konqueror, except tgz and zip.
bz, bz2, 7z, and all other formats will in any case open in Ark, cause there 
is no kioslave actually...
So the question is "do we want an homogenous way to manage compressed files or 
not ?"
I, personnaly, prefer to see the "desktop" managing all compressed files the 
same way, although I can understand the other opinion.

Anthony Mercatante

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