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Fri Feb 10 18:03:58 GMT 2006

First of all, I want to be known this is to be a discussion or plea, not a 
rant, many of you know me in IRC as LeeJunFan.

I'm hoping that if the "simplified" kde config cannot be totally removed that 
it can at least be better implemented.

First the why:
I don't believe in stupifying things for the goals of simplicity, removing 
certain options from KDE is like removing the pliers from a leatherman, 
dulling the edge of a knife, or removing the adjustment from a crescent 

Limiting the usefulness of a tool means you have to have many different tools 
to do the job one multitool could take care of.

For instance:
The Open Terminal and Fine files options being removed from konqueror tool 
menu no mean that for someone to find a file they need to learn to use find 
or locate, and in order to open a shell at a location they have to open a 
konsole and then cd to the directory where they want to operate. I fail to 
see how that will make things simpler for anyone.

The ability to browse archives as folders removed from konqueror means someone 
has to unzip any archive before they use it, and for the layperson choosing a 
directory to extract to can be more daunting than simply dragging and 
dropping the files to another konqueror window. Plus the ability to operate 
on files in an archive itself can be rather useful. I have many e-books I 
leave tared or zipped and use konqueror's browsable zip:/ and tar:/ features 
exclusively for them.

Most "experts" will of course remove the kubuntu-defaults dir and replace 
konqueror.rc, many of us in IRC sometimes forget which options have been 
neutered, and we try to provide help to newbies by telling them to click on 
options only to have them tell us they don't have that option available.

I really just don't see how "simplifying" KDE in such ways actually helps 
anyone, more options == less steps, less options == ( more steps && more 
confusion )

The major reason I came to kubuntu from Mandrake was because of all the 
changes like this Mandrake/Mandrival (whatever) was making, I wanted a distro 
with a more standard and untouched set of newer packages.

Implementing it via update-alternatives would at least be some of an 
improvement if it's deemed it can't be removed alltogether.

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