Hello and Openoffice

Hok Kakada hokkakada at khmeros.info
Thu Feb 9 01:36:59 GMT 2006

Miquel Torres wrote:
>I just subscribed to the kubuntu-devel list. I already did some testing with
>breezy, and for dapper I wanted to get more involved.
>My first subject is OpenOffice.
>Regarding KOffice vs OpenOffice I agree with what Jonathan said. KOffice is
>not ready for prime time. While I like KOffice a lot, and with 1.5 the
>stability and OpenDocument compatibility issues will be largely solved, it
>still has the WYSIWYG problem, which won't be solved till KOffice 2. So I
>suggest postponing the question until then.
>And now on to OpenOffice 2.0.2. It has surfaced that this minor release will
>include some interesting improvements to KDE
>(the last two of the three items).
>Does anyone know whether it will be included in dapper despite upstream
>freezey? (it being only a bugfix release?)
>Another thing to consider is using the KDE Filechooser. The feature is there
>since breezy. Just go to options->OpenOffice.org->General->Open/Save
>dialogues and disable "Use OpenOffice.org dialogues". I've been testing it
>for a while and encountered no problems. It just takes a little bit too long
>to load after requesting the file dialogue (clicking open or save). Other
>than that it works perfectly, much better than OpenOffice's native one. It
>could be that with version 2.0.2 it works even better. So I think you should
>consider configuring OpenOffice to use KDE's Filechooser per default.
>Any thoughts/experiences with it?
I have been using OpenOffice for a long time, both on windows and on 
Linux SuSE with Khmer Interface.
By default, on windows we need to configure to use OpenOffice dialogues 
manually, but on Linux SuSE
I cannot find OpenOffice.org->General->Open/Save
dialogues and disable "Use OpenOffice.org dialogues". And It is using OpenOffice dialog by default.

I would prefer OpenOffice than Koffice, because KhmerOS have already developed OpenOffice into Khmer , and we don't want to spend
more time on localizing the same-purposed software. Please visit www.khmeros.info for more details.

I have experience in using OpenOffice, It is working very fine with Khmer Unicode, except some font.

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