Adept Update Manager

Javier javiermon at
Wed Feb 8 07:55:24 GMT 2006

In dapper there's adept-notifier, which sits on your tray and notifies
you about this. To enable it on startup I had to include it in my
~/.kde/Autostart folder.

I tried running it and saving the session but didn't worked.

OT: Maybe someone could do a wiki page about the changes in kubuntu
dapper (i.e. what's new, some shots, etc) the same way this page
exists: I wouldn't mind helping

On 2/3/06, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at> wrote:
> As a windows administrator for a living (I know I probablly shouldn't admit
> it on this list) one of things I love is the windows update feature and how
> it sits in the taskbar and notifies me when there are updates that need to
> be installed.  Will the System Update Wizard (Adept Updater) function this
> way one day, or will I still need to launch each time?
> If I need to launch it each time to update my system, what is the different
> between this and selecting "Full Upgrade" from Adept?
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