dropping kscd & kaudiocreator

Raphaël Pinson raphink at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 7 10:42:58 GMT 2006

Jonathan wrote :
> I haven't used anything but Kaudiocreator to rip CD's.  I like how easy it is
> to, complete with CDDB information and saving them in the correct
> folder /home/jjesse/ogg/Artist/Album works great.  How easy is it to rip CDs
> with Konq?  Never tried it.

With Konqueror, you can just type audiocd:/ in the address bar. There
you are provided with virtual folders and files : FLAC, mp3, ogg, etc.
Copying and pasting them to another place on your HD will encode them
on the fly. This is very intuitive and easy.

As of having folders organized by artists/genre/album/etc..., I'd like
to point out that K-Yamo is now in Dapper (package kyamo). This tool
is able to read your music collection, take a user-defined pattern and
organize the whole collection by whatever/directory/structure/you/want
:) Doesn't help konqueror doing it immediatly, but it helps
collections that have been built without organization so far ;)



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