dropping kscd & kaudiocreator

Frank Siegert hugelmopf at web.de
Thu Feb 2 15:53:33 GMT 2006

,---- Javier wrote:
| Maybe I'm wrong but, if audio cd's can be ripped with konqueror & k3b
| and audio cd's can be player with amarok, why not dropping kscd &
| kaudiocreator? It would avoid duplication.

I agree. k3b looks nice enough and everybody who likes kaudiocreator can still 
install it manually later on.
But konqueror would not really be a replacement for kaudiocreator, as it won't 
create directories according to artist/album information, so ripping a lot of 
CDs would be a bit uncomfortable.

For kscd: Dropping it sounds sensible to me, as long as a media player like 
amarok is installed by default. Is it?

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