jos poortvliet jos at mijnkamer.nl
Mon Apr 24 11:45:43 BST 2006

Op maandag 24 april 2006 09:52, schreef Miquel Torres:
> We want Dapper to be taken seriously, to be eligible for deploy
> in businesses. We are long in UpstreamVersionFreeze,
> FeatureFreeze,  DocumentationStringFreeze and even
> UserInterfaceFreeze. Yet as of Dapper Beta the default theme is
> not yet final, basic things like printing do not work, and
> integral parts of a distribution like a packet manager (Adept) do
> not work. I strongly suggest the release of a second Beta (or
> flight7?) with those issues solved two weeks before the Release
> Candidate (May 25th). It doesn't even need to be a publicized
> release.
> We need a stable, *Freeze, working release well before RC.
> What do you think?.

i agree. i am willing to install and test that release, if i have time (and i 
most likely will). the default theme needs work, indeed. maybe we can start 
some discussion here, if there needs to be one.

> Miquel
> PS: Great to see an "Add/Remove Programs" entry in the KMenu with
> the Adept part of the name gone.


You are wise, witty, and wonderful, but you spend too much time reading
this sort of trash.
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