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Christoph Wiesen chris at deadhand.com
Tue Apr 18 21:42:26 BST 2006

Am Dienstag, 18. April 2006 18:09 schrieb Jonathan Riddell:
> > --------------------------------------
> > system:/ and media:/ kio slaves always change view mode
> > --------------------------------------
> > The kio slaves system:/ media:/ and probably some others use "Icon View"
> > with "very large" icons. Unfortunately it will *always* switch to that
> > view when you browse those kio slaves, no matter if you use something
> > else (treeview for example) by default.
> > KDE bug: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=108542
> That's best fixed upstream.

Agreed - the bug report is upstream, so I hope they'll fix it sometime.
Still as a distribution Kubuntu might want to avoid running into this more 
often than necessary. Kubuntu can't avoid using system:/media, but should 
stay away from system:/ kio slaves that aren't strictly necessary (for this 
and other reasons - see other mails in this thread)

> > --------------------------------------
> > guidance fstab editor can't set "exec" option and others
> > --------------------------------------
> > This has already been sent to  simon at simonzone.com and fboudra at free.fr
> >
> > Basically, the "exec" setting didn't work for me. In the end I had to
> > edit fstab manually.
> >
> > After I selected "Allow Executables" in the advanced options of my
> > non-root ext3 partition Guidance put this in fstab:
> > ? ?/dev/hda5 /media/temp-data ext3 ,atime,auto,rw,nodev,exec,suid,users 0
> > 0 Unfortunately that's not quite correct - to make it work I have to
> > change it to this:
> > ? ?/dev/hda5 /media/temp-data ext3 ,atime,auto,rw,nodev,users,exec,suid 0
> > 0
> >
> > The cause is this: "users" and "user" imply "noexec" (as well as "nosuid"
> > and "nodev", so suid and dev are affected as well.). That means if you
> > put "users" in the end it will imply the option "noexec" as well, so
> > any "exec" thats placed *before* "users" has no effect.
> > What exactl options "users" implies is in the manpage of mount as well.
> > Solution: "users" should be put before the other mentioned options.
> A new guidance will be uploaded shortly after beta release, let me know
> if that doesn't fix it.

Subscribed to dapper-changes now, so I'll see when guidance has a new release. 
Hope I don't miss it.

> > ... 

> > ------------------------------
> > graphical deb installer
> > ------------------------------
> > .deb files are linked to ark at the moment. Ark gives an error message
> > when launched with a deb file for me and isn't all that useful anyway.
> > Maybe a kdialog could pop up instead that has three buttons:
> > "Install Package" "Uninstall Package" "Show Packakge info".
> > Those could then call the Kubuntu Package Menu scripts.
> You can right click on .deb files in Konqueror but otherwise you'll
> need to wait for a KDE port of gdebi which could well happer for dapper+1.
A true application like gdebi is the better solution of course. My idea was 
that until then some magic could be done with "kdialog" to include what 
the "Kubuntu Package Menu" can do - but inside a dialog box, that would open 
when you left click a file. It would have to interact with "Kubuntu Package 
Menu" though - I'll fool around a bit with kdialog later and maybe come to 
the conclusion that it can't be done... was just an idea.

> > ...
> > ----------------------------
> > Konsole crashes at logout
> > ----------------------------
> > When I logout with one ore more opened Konsole sessions, they crash.
> > After l log in again they mostly don't come up again. I assume this is
> > because they were closed (crashing) before the actual logout so are not
> > saved to the session information.
> I've never seen this problem.  Do you have a backtrace?
A backtrace is attached. if it's not any help please let me know what I should 
do differently, when sending in a backtrace. I can reproduce this everytime I 
have konsole open when logging out.

> > ...
> > --------------------------
> > Samba file sharing not configurable through system-settings
> > --------------------------
> > Samba file sharing seems to be installed by default now, which is great.
> > Unfortunately the nice kcontrol module "Samba" is not available in System
> > Settings and thus is not useable unless you start "kcontrol" manually.
> > It should be added as an additional module under "Internet &
> > Networking" -> "Sharing".
> Does this even work anyway?

Yup. I always used it to set up shares for my home network. Since it's 
actually installed and available in kcontrol I hope it will make it into 
System Settings.

> > ...

> > ------------------------------
> > Konqueror tree-view column highlighting
> > ------------------------------
> > ksysguard in KDE 3.5.x has a slight highlighting of the column that's
> > currently used for sorting. That's available for konqui, too. If it
> > should be enabled I'll look for it again. Not sure if it actually was in
> > konqui's code now or if it was just a small patch, though.
> Send me the patch when you work it out.

Actually I now found out that this is a standard feature of KDE now - no more 
patch required!
There's an option to enable / disable it in System Settings -> Looks -> 
Colours. It's called "Shade sorted column in lists".
Actually this option is used for ksysguard (which I mentioned) and others. So 
you will see that this option is enabled in dapper.

The reason why it's not visible in Konqueror is simple:
Kubuntu has set a folder background image in Konqueror (paper_flieder.png) and 
with an image set the shading is not applied.

If there is not special need to stick with the background image I would 
suggest to remove it and go with a white background. This has 3 advantages:

a) shading of sorted columns 
b) alternating background colour from row to row, so you can better 
distinguish two rows
c) this solves kde bug "background image distorted in list view"

> > ---------------------------
> > mousewheel on "desktop preview & pager" should act as ubuntu's does
> > ---------------------------
> > The desktop preview & pager panel applet allows to use the mouse wheel to
> > switch between desktops. Unfortunately it doesn't stop at the last
> > desktop. Instead it goes to the first again. In Ubuntu it stops at the
> > last. That way it's more controllable without paying 100% attention;
> > scroll down as far as you get -> your're definitely on desktop no 4;
> > scroll up as far as you get -> your definitely on desktop no 1.
> Probably best sent upstream to KDE.

You're right - that would require a patch which is not available to date. 
Looked up a discussion on kde-usability I started some time ago about this 
and there seigo and zander both basically said 'no', so I'll better leave it 
at that.

This reminds me of something else; Here's a blog entry of zander that deals 
with "AccessKeys", a feature that shows little tooltips inside a website 
every time you press CTRL in Konqueror:

That feature is rather annoying and potentially troublesome in certain cases - 
see the blog for more information about the issues with that feature.

Maybe you will agree and might want to disable it by default (there's nor GUI 
option unfortunately). If you choose to do so you have to add these lines 
to .kde/share/config/konquerorrc:
  [Access Keys]

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