Kubuntu dapper-flight-6+ feedback

Christoph Wiesen chris at deadhand.com
Tue Apr 18 18:05:22 BST 2006

konqueror (web) won't always show all menu entries
The menu in Konqueror (web) sometimes lacks a few options. There are times 
that "View" doesn't have the options "Split 
View", "Fullscreen", "Navigational panel".
Other menus lack options as well. For example there's no way to save or 
view "Viewing Profiles".

I think the menus are those that were used in Kubuntu previously - only that 
this installation here was a fresh install of dapper-flight-6 and not a 
dist-upgrade of some previous version.
Unfortunately I can not really reproduce this issue willingly. I assume that 
it has to do with Konqueror windows that were opened from a previous session 
(logout, log in again), but that's only an assumption.
Maybe you will know more - at least it looks to me that the "old simplified" 
Kubuntu menus somewhere still exist. If those are replaced with the "new 
simplified" menus I guess the error will be gone.

konqueror: view-> split view not translated
In Konqueror (both web and file) the menu entry view -> split view is not 
translated (german). As far as I know there should be a matching string 
somewhere, just looks to me that it's not used.

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