Kubuntu translations

Frank Siegert hugelmopf at web.de
Wed Apr 5 22:19:02 BST 2006

Hi Raphaël,

I have to admit that I had the same problems as Leticia to find the proper 
place for Adept translations. See below.

,---- Raphaël Pinson wrote:
| > I've been searching Launchpad, (K)Ubuntu wiki and even Google for
| > information on how to translate Kubuntu packages. I know KDE files
| > will be in Rosetta for Dapper (at least the wiki says that), but I
| > would like to help anyways.
| KDE translations ARE BEING added to Rosetta. Quite a few are already there,
| including adept. I've translated adept with a few other guys last week. You
| can find the adept translations here :
| https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/dapper/+source/ept/+translations .
| Don't forget to set your preferred localizations so you can translate it in
| the languages of your choice.
| https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/dapper/+translations is the whole list
| of current translations in Dapper. Just choose your language and go on with
| translation :)

There is something strange with that last page... if I click on French, for 
example, I see a lot of KDE related packages ready for translation. But click 
on German: The same packages that appeared for French are not there anymore! 
Including (Ad)ept.

For a translation system like Rosetta, I would have expected that once you add 
a package for translation, it can be translated to any language? 
So I'd expect them to be in the German list as well. After all I don't want to 
browse through the packages one by one to see their German translation 


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