notes on live cd: breezy Kubuntu 5.10

Donatas G. dgvirtual at
Thu Sep 15 00:02:45 CDT 2005

A few notes on Kubuntu Breezy 5.10 demo CD:

KDE system settings dialogs grow beyond my screen and refuse to shrink. My 
resolution is- 1024-768, and it does not change to a bigger one.

Is KDE system settings translatable? If so, how? Is it possible to change 
Ktips for Kubuntu to refer not to the KDE Control Center but to the System 
settings? Might be confusing for novices...

In the start meniu margin it still says Kubuntu 5.4 ...

KDE languages are not available. I rememeber Jonathan saying they will be:
200508-08 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> The good news is that we now have split language packs,
> language-pack-xx, language-pack-gnome-xx and language-pack-kde-xx
> which means the breezy kubuntu CDs will actually have KDE transltions
> on them.

Will they?

No reference to Kcontrol in kmenu, but it still can be run from command line. 
Is that the intended behaviour?

Krita has no handbook. would be good for such a complex application.

Kynaptic also lacks a handbook - would be important for a default package 

OpenOffice shots in „Kubuntu user guide“ are still of ooo 1.1.3.

No information on Katapult found (anywhere). Could not figure out how to use 

When I inserted my usb disk, it did not appear in media:/ or on the desktop.
however, it was automounted, I guess, in /media/usbdisk/ - I did not have to 
perform any mount...

AND, LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST:  I COULD  get into administrator mode in System 
settings without sudo or kdesu in the command line. That is great.

Donatas Glodenis

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