[patch] Usability improvement for list view

Jan Schäfer j_schaef at informatik.uni-kl.de
Mon Sep 12 01:39:20 CDT 2005

> Seeing that some popular patches affecting Konqueror have been introduced
> in breezy, namely the blue selection box ('rubber band') and rounded
> selection hightlights. I think there's one that improves usability in a
> similar way to the rubber band - better information at a quick glance:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59791
> This is about a change to list view that highlights the column used to sort
> the current listing. Thus you can see at a glance what way everything is
> sorted.
> To get the same info you would normally have to specifically look at the
> headers for the little "^" or compare two elements to see how they relate
> to each other. With the patch this info is always there subtly.
> The nice part is that (from what I can see in the bug report) all the code
> is already there and it has just to be enabled. It actually had been active
> for some time in KDE's CVS, till someone disabled it - can't agree with the
> reasoning though.
Where exactly do you want to enable this feature?
In Konqueror or in the KListView class?
Because the real discussion against the default of this feature was on the 
mailing list:


The problem is that if you make it default in the KListView class, it affects
all applications that uses this class, not only Konqueror, which is not good  
(see discussion).

> As a bonus you get the: "It's in SuSE, too!" - and we know Kubuntu's better
> (since SuSE is now a community project too that might read: *different* now
> though) than SuSE ;)
Did they patch the listview or Konqueror? 



Jan Schäfer
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