Luke Monahan lukemonahan at
Sun Oct 30 05:55:01 CST 2005

Hi again,


I've added my suggestions to this spec (and created the full spec on the 
Ubuntu wiki).

Basically I've so far:
- Added two new mimetypes (media/ipod_mounted, media/ipod_unmounted)
- Patched the media:/ HAL backend to detect an iPod and assign the correct 
- Associated that mimetype with "kfmclient openUrl "ipod:/"

When I get some more time I'll create a few useful context menu entries for 

> Unfortunaly we will always be limited by legal issuesfor MP3 and AAC.

Would the basic upshot of this be that any ipod support packages would need to 
be in Universe rather than Main?


Luke (ltmon)
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