Jason Straight jason at jeetkunedomaster.net
Sun Oct 23 11:56:12 CDT 2005

On Sunday 23 October 2005 08:32, Hervé Cauwelier wrote:
> Jason Straight a écrit :
> > I've been messing with this for too long, this is annoying enough to make
> > me give up and use windows (which I haven't done for years) as my primary
> > OS.
> That's a reason enough to file a bug report! Maybe there's already one
> where you can read about workarounds and share you thoughts.
> > Anyway, KDE mounts my external storage automatically and there seems to
> > be no way to get it to quit, additionally annoying is that it opens konq
> > to media:/ for every partition, additionally annoying is that it does so
> > even for extended partitions which it can't mount (for obvious reasons).
> This is probably done by ivman. I don't how where and where it is
> configurable, but you can try to remove the package at worst.

Yeah, I did find that and edited startkde to remove ivman (no automation now), 
I didn't want to file a bug report until I understood how it worked and could 
file an intelligent one. :)

Of course now I have other KDE related issues. I have to say I'm VERY 
disappointed at the decision of kubuntu to release with non final KDE. As far 
as I'm concerned if KDE is in beta on the distro, so is kubuntu. I understand 
the desire to release alongside ubuntu, and I also understand wanting to have 
the greatest and latest KDE for Kubuntu (really, I love having the ability to 
try the newest betas and RC's), but I really think that Kubuntu should have 
launched with a KDE that was done! It's just stupid to have so many known 
broken things, and of course I updated my KDE trying to get past the 
automount thing and found my arts now broken, along with some other quite 
annoying things.

There's no reason Breezy couldn't have come with the latest stable release and 
put the new kde in updates later. I really lost a bit of respect for the 
distro over that decision.

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