Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Mon Oct 10 00:38:11 CDT 2005


Am Montag, den 10.10.2005, 07:17 +0200 schrieb Sean Wheller:
> On Sunday 09 October 2005 21:10, Stephan Hermann wrote:
> > Please ask him, why is `sudo su -` a pain?
> No need. Many users find sudo a PITA. You do sudo and then come back after 10 
> mins or so and must do it again. It's a PITA.
> Most distros you use a proper root account and that is easy for people to 
> understand. If average Joe can perform root operations with his password, 
> then it can also make problems. Admins want root to be for them and user 
> accounts to be for users.

Well, I'm an admin of several machines, and I'm proposing sudo as a
better way to gain root rights for some users on those machines.

During my last years of administrating unix and linux machines, sudo was
the best way to do this. Working as root is only important in special
situations, and then those admin will have a root account handy, or
they're using the single user init mode.

Well, after all, if the admin of the Ubuntu Box needs an root account he
can easily enable this. But for average "Joe User", or as we're calling
them "New Users", this sudo system is even better then the windows xp
system, where the first account has admin rights, without even
mentioning this.

Most people don't have a clue about "root" users at all. All other
people knows how to enable the "root" account on sudo boxes.



BTW: I think we should move this discussion to ubuntu-users, cause this
as nothing to do with developing kubuntu/ubuntu.

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