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Marilize Coetzee marilize at canonical.com
Thu Nov 24 10:56:05 GMT 2005

From: Celsun . <tarcell at hotmail.com>
To: info at ubuntulinux.org


These comments are concerning Kubuntu 5.10.

User-friendly it is not. After using other distros for three years, 
printing, using MySQL, using e-mail etc... became easier with each new 
version of the distros.

With Kubuntu, that is not the case. So far, after days of posting to the 
forums, Googling, and using the knowledge gained painstakingly in Linux, I 
cannot print, use MySQL databases, use a five button mouse without 
configuring this file and that, and it is frustrating as hell.

Cups does not show up in services.

MySQL issues have something to do with this distro. In the past, there's 
never been a problem using it with ODBC and OpenOffice.org.

Being so absorbed in trying to correct the issues stated above, I don't see 
what all the hype about Ubuntu/Kubuntu is. Right now, and this is after 
spending more than a week trying to correct these issues, I regret that I 
installed Kubuntu.

Bugs may be the cause of some of the issues and software may be at fault, 
but .... where are the answers, help, a way of correcting them?

In my opinion, the preview releases were far better than the final release.

There are many things that are very RIGHT in Kubuntu, but for me, they are 
overshadowed by the things that are not right.

As stated above, Kubuntu is not user friendly.

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