marc gmane at
Wed Nov 23 03:53:57 CST 2005

Nicola Larosa said...
> > Like Nicola, I go back a little way and can include the heady experience 
> > of Xtree in DOS.
> Never used that. Tree showings are for people who can't keep the whole
> directory tree inside their head. ;-)

Tree listings are for those that know they don't need to bother :-) 
Okay, so I'm in denial.

> And the dual pane arrangement is so
> brilliantly productive, there was no contest, ever. :-)

Dual pane with tabs, though, is brilliant. It's a truly creative 
environment. You can shoot off to other areas on a whim, and the open 
tabs act as an aide-memoire.

> > On Windows, these days, I 
> > use Directory Opus, and I'd probably vote it the best application off 
> > all time, certainly the best utility. It really is very, very good. 
> I didn't heard of it. Is it all that much better than Total Commander
> (named Windows Commander before Christian Ghisler was harassed by Microsoft)?

Dare I say, yes? I moved from TC to Opus quite a while ago. I've never 
looked back... except when I load Krusader :-) I was explaining to one 
of the Krew earlier today how, for some tasks, I resort to Opus and 
Samba, because it's so much quicker!

Of course, you can do all these tasks with any tool, but it's the ease 
that makes the difference. And once you understand the potential  of the 
tool, it creates completely new ways of doing things.

Opus is to Krusader what Krusader is to Konq. 
> > On Linux, there's only one usable dual pane file manager, and that is 
> > Krusader.
> Whoah, slow down tiger, you just cannot cast Midnight Commander away like
> that. :-) It's still the best dual pane tool for the terminal, life would
> not be the same without it.

It is very useful, especially over ssh, and rapid to use, once you've 
learned it - like any tool - but its lack of development is a drawback - 
or perhaps an advantage, depending on one's point of view. Nevertheless, 
its benefits are also its drawbacks, and it's not a tool that will 
appeal to your average Windows convert - and it is their souls we are 
after - or KDE user, for that matter.

While Krusader is, at heart, a GUI version of mc, but much extended, one 
can see more of the future by examining Opus. However, we will never get 
to the functionality of Opus unless someone builds the tool. The only 
tool that is even close is Krusader. And for Krusader to develop, it 
needs and deserves a wider audience.


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