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Fri Nov 18 20:01:26 CST 2005

Thank you so much for your ultra fast responce. I guess I was here at
the right time. I cut my  (debug info sourcing) teeth on breezy
(colony 3ish- present). I think I am able to provide some valid input.
I have a background in embedded devices (not the modern-multi
megabyte, multi gigahertzish setups, just some 8-16 bit simple
things). I can read some C, but I will admit I'm not current. I can
do/read some ASM, basic, Pascal... etc... but my previous UNIX
experience was quite limited (and in the '80s). I intend to learn c++
and OOP.
I can only read/write english. (I'm an american with a french
background.. so I know a couple of swear words).
Can a person like me maintain a package or two.. I'm interested in
writing music, programming, embedded systems (no experience with
embedded linux), childrens' education... linux, debian, ubuntu,

Is there someone willing to hold my hand for a bit? I think I would
like to help (k)ubuntu and debian. I have a few moderately powered
X86-32 computers at my disposal for compiling, etc.

On 11/18/05, Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at> wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 06:59:06PM -0600, john e wrote:
> > I have a related question. I have a (for this purpose, kinda) spare
> > 10ish Gig partition.
> > I also have qemu & the non-free kernel module installed. Seeing as
> > this machine (my primary desktop) has a celeron... emulation sucks
> > (slow) but safe and I can do *My thing*, and nice qemu.
> > One of my questions is: is any debug info created under qemu of any use?
> Yes, qemu installs are a good indication that the installer is all
> working (which is all we're looking for at this stage).
> > One other is that hdb(1) is mounted as /home... should I avoid sharing
> > /home between breezy and dapper if I were to install dapper on
> > hda(>1)?
> Shouldn't cause any problems.
> > I guess that what I'm really asking is how do *I*... a typical early
> > adopter with a urge to help... best help you, while not killing my
> > primary (and only convenient) computer?
> :)
> Jonathan
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