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Thu Nov 17 11:27:58 CST 2005

Viestissä torstai, 17. marraskuuta 2005 17:50, Martin Ammermüller kirjoitti:
> Additionally, i think Kontact should also go. The Kontact UI and concept
> is IMHO irritating. The "one task, one application" directive is IMHO
> better than to supply one mega-application for everything.

I completely argee on this one also.

I don't have any laboratory-level usability test to refer to, but I've 
installed Kubuntu to many Linux-newbies from tech savy engineers to 60+ years 

As I see it, a good distro is all about good defaults. A newbie will not touch 
any settings while tech savy people always "discover" their system.

Kontact-level functionality is of course nice, but completely useless to 
newbies who only use Konqueror, OpenOffice and the KMail-part of Kontact. 
Some people learn to use Akregator, but the step to using electronic 
calendars and todos is quite a big leap.

I would also recommend removing the "tabs by default" in Konqueror, since few 
newbies know how to use them. If they've used Firefox then they know it, but 
not otherwise. Tabs and Kontact just wastes valuable screen estate.

I guess that the point of tabbed browsing and integrated applications 
interfaces is to reduce the amount of open windows and applications in the 
task bar. In real life newbies seldom have open more than 1-3 windows, so 
there is no gain in saving that space. Power users on the other hand might 
want to, but they can then learn how to edit Konquerors settings and how to 
install Kontact.

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