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Thu Nov 17 04:38:21 CST 2005

Krusader would like their file manager in Kubuntu.  Anyone have any


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Dear Jonathan,

My name is Matej Urban?i? a member of the Krusader Krew. 

Krusader users (and the Krusader Krew) would love to see Krusader included 
on the CD and DVD version of Kubuntu. We think that our user base and the 
quality of our work speak for themselves, so we'll try to show how Krusader 
is really becoming an important part of the KDE community. We'd appreciate 
it, if you take a  moment and read the message. 
Please excuse me, if I'm sending this to the wrong person - I'd appreciate a 
redirection to the correct email address. 
Let's start with the obvious. Many users of Windows use Total Commander. 
Upon first arriving on the Linux scene, they expect an appropriate 
replacement. We know that Krusader is the replacement they are looking for, 
because on Total Commander's site the author recommends Krusader as an 
alternative for Linux users. included Krusader in summer 2005. There you can see that 
krusader is very popular among distros. Versions 1.5 was included on 6 
distros, version 1.51 on 7, version 1.60.0 on 16 and 1.70.0-beta, even thou 
it has not been released yet as stable, on 3!.

We can count well over 100 people that sent patches, code, reported bug 
fixes, translations, which shows a large involvement for a small project. 
After introducing User actions the number of contributions raised 
considerably. Among them you can find all types, from skillful developers to 
basic users.

Our searchers found that among 42 active projects there are only 8 
successful twin panel file managers, where 6 of them are commercial and 
based on MS Windows environment.  Another is a fairly basic twin panel 
manager for GNOME environment and the very well known Midnight Commander for 
the console environment, but also slow in development and lacking many 
modern functionalities. We also have calls from GNOME users who also run 
Krusader, and they even ask about a port. No need to mention that Krusader 
is the only real, KDE-based, twin-panel file manager harvesting all the 
power of the desktop.

On you can see that Krusader is the most evolved twin-panel 
file manager with fairly short release cycles, while most others listed have 
passed 2 years of inactivity.

On's scale of the highest rated, Krusader is always among the top 
10, depending on the number of new updates that are listed, which are taking 
first places for the short period of time. In peaceful periods, Krusader 
competes with applications like amarok and k3b for first place.

Krusader is well past the ordinary twin-panel file manager. After 
considerable work on the viewer and editor we got great feedback about our 
internal editor's support for different  programing languages like HTML, 
XHTML C++, Perl, PHP and others, which shows that some programmers use 
Krusader for writing and editing code.

Why is this so important? Well, a lot of users prefer twin panel file 
managers over single-panel ones like Explorer, Konqueror, Nautilus, and 
similar, for many reasons. The most important one is the full keyboard 
orientation and constantly linked panels. A reference page on Orthodox File 
Managers (OFM) such as Midnight Commander, Norton Commander, Total 
Commander, Krusader, etc., is at The attention Krusader gets in 
this URL speaks for itself.

The Krew gets a lot of help from the community. Compiling binaries is 
probably the most noticeable. Some binary packages are actively supported by 
the Krusader Krew for beta versions, while some binaries come from our 
users. Stables are usually compiled by official maintainers.

If you are still not totally convinced, then please check-out Krusader's 
features at and at

We all can benefit from including Krusader on Kubuntu CD. Kubuntu users will 
get another great KDE product, and we, a larger specter of users.

Thank you very much for reading through this mail! Should you need more 
information, have questions, or wish to discuss Krusader further, please 
contact us.

Thank you.
Matej Urban?i? -
on behalf of the Krusader Krew

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