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Giuseppe Bilotta bilotta78 at
Mon May 30 08:21:47 CDT 2005

On Mon, 30 May 2005 17:31:06 +0000, Rajeev J Sebastian wrote:

> Well, I did some reading last night, and what is found is that HAL is supposed 
> to be a wrapper to hotplug etc, *so that programs like what im proposing* can 
> be written easily, i.e., the program which I am proposing (let's call it KMM) 
> is a perfect case for the use of HAL within it, and HAL was built for such 
> use.

So the matter is:

* are there hotplug events which are not wrapped by HAL?
* are there HAL events which are not handled by ivman?

If I get it right, your KMM is supposed to address any of the above
... but wouldn't be better to just extend ivman (and HAL if

> Second, the patch I made to pmount: reading the code and comments last night, 
> the restriction that pmount currently only mounts removable devices, is a 
> *feature* of pmount. I think it's because of security considerations. I will 
> try to talk to Martin Pitt (author of pmount) regarding this.

Oh, that'd be nice!

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