dpkg errors in kdelibs-data

Donatas ziogelis77 at takas.lt
Wed May 4 05:16:20 CDT 2005

Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> Ah, please notice beforing submitting (assuming you haven't done so 
> already) that this issue already has an open report, so follow up to 
> that one (if you have new useful info) and don't file a new one (there 
> has been plenty dups already it seems).

Yes, I noticed; the strange thing is, for me, the time it takes to fix 
that up....

I assume the Kubuntu team was working 24 hours a day before the release, 
and they all took a month-long vacation once the release was announced :)

My Kubuntu desktop, since install, was messed up 3 times already because 
of various bugs, and my native language in KDE, 2 weeks after a 
submitted bug report, is still not available (I am translations 
coordinator for KDE Lithuanian team, by the way :). It is kind of a lot 
for a "stable" desktop.

But, good start guys, I like Kubuntu anyway :)


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