[Bug 8009] Konqueror 3.4.0 segfaults repeatably in kubuntu hoary

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------- Additional Comments From frederik at dannemare.net  2005-03-31 20:36 UTC -------
>To invoke the bug:  
>1.  Open the "Home Folder" from the system menu on the KDE taskbar.  
>     (notice that the blue gear icon spins continuously.)  
>2.  Click the "Split Pane top/bottom" button  
>     (double file entries _always_ appear in the lower panel.)  
>3.  Click the "Reload" button.  
>     (double entries disappear)  
I cannot even get past this point. After hitting refresh and moving the mouse, Konqueror (launched from the System menu) 
will crash instantly. 
>4.  Click the "Close active view" button.  
>5.  Click anywhere in the list pane, resulting in an instant crash.  
>This is not the only way to get it to crash, but it does work every time.  
It sure does. :( 
>I have attached a screenshot (konqdup.png) showing my konqueror layout and the  
>duplicate entries in the lower pane.  
>A few observations:  
>1. I have added Split Pane and Close Active View buttons to my toolbar, but  
>using the menus works just the same.  
>2. I found that this procedure only works when I open konqueror from the system  
I can confirm this. 
>I have far fewer konqueror crashes (maybe none; I'll be paying attention  
>to this in the future) when I invoke konqueror from a desktop link icon.  
My count so far (only 5 tries, though) is "none". 
>3. When invoked from the system menu, the blue gear spins forever, but when I  
>open konqueror from a desktop icon it stops spinning as soon as the file list is  
>displayed (i.e. almost instantly). 
I can confirm this as well. 

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