[Bug 8011] k3bsetup do not work

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------- Additional Comments From spatka at luzanky.cz  2005-03-31 14:21 UTC -------
I update all packages. From root console it work. K3bsetup from user menu and
from k3b do not work. After inserting password  it write error. K3bsetup in k3b
menu write: title: "Sorry - KDE su" content: "Incorrect password: please try
again" (for testing root, ubuntu-sudouser and normal account have same
password). But now it found all cdwriter - i do not need k3bsetup.

Completion data:
I do not install clean system - it is continuous updated - it can be problem.
If I run konsole and want run graphics program as root, I must use "su -m" not
only "su".

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