[Bug 8029] Visual artifacts on first start of X server (but not subsequent)

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------- Additional Comments From tom.fernandes at credativ.co.uk  2005-03-31 10:56 UTC -------
also shows up on i386. on the kubuntu live CD the desktop wallpaper "Kubuntu
Wallpaper" shows the pink lines. Setting the wallpaper to tiled shows them in
each single picture. Setting the desktop background to "No picture" and to black
/ white / blue or other colors will not show these lines. Another wallpaper
which also shows weird graphics is the "Lineart Logo" wallpaper. 
Selecting the "Kubuntu Wallpaper" and at the same time setting the background
color to black reveals rainbow colors as lines instead of the pink lines. It
only appeared with the "Kubuntu Wallpaper" and the "Lineart Logo" - the other
wallpapers were fine.
Both pictures are .svgz. The lines go away if you switch from the deskop to the
console and back.

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