Kpackage vs. Kynaptic

Francis G francisg at
Sun Mar 27 15:54:09 CST 2005

Currently, the default GUI Package Manager in Kubuntu is Kynaptic. This mail 
on the list is to raise the question of whether Kynaptic or KPackage should 
be the default package manager on Kubuntu.

Kynaptic is similar to the GTK package-manager -- Synaptic (hence the similar 
name), but sincerely primitive in its structure and features. It was 
mentioned from reasonably early on that, however, the package was intended 
for development from the team.

Kpackage is a package manager that has been around for a few years, and has 
been on the whole reasonably unknown, despite offering excellent variety of 
package handling types (from Debian's apt to Gentoo's portage). As far as it 
concerns us, it serves as a front-end to apt in this case (just as Synaptic). 
Screenshot of kpackage:

Advantages of Kpackage: 
(i) while browsing through files it doesn't hog apt; 
(ii) information on packages is very accessible with the information in the 
demarcated Properties/File List/Change Log frame; 
(iii) packages are grouped (easier access; association more obvious); 
(iv) option to view more information provided per package (Change Log, 
depends/conflicts clearly listed); 
(v) Filter search (contra Synaptic) which displays groups as well.
(vi) Better aesthetic appeal; i.e. icons etc. 
(vii) More advanced; kynaptic more primitive. 

Advantages of Kynaptic:
(i) Ubuntu & Kubuntu user experience will be closer, if kynaptic is developed 
to be more similar to Synaptic.
(ii) More decision of what package will actually be like if developed by devs 
(iii) Less ambiguous?

I personally think KPackage should certainly be the default; seems unnecessary 
to develop a new package when there is already a great one out on the market 
already. After a discussion in #kubuntu with a few other users, this was also 
the general consensus (of the ones that contributed to the discussion). 

Thoughts? Criticisms? Arguments for/against? 

Francis Giannaros (apokryphos). 

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