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------- Additional Comments From dwaner at ucsd.edu  2005-03-23 02:13 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #7)

Ok, I've finally figured out how to trigger the crash consistently (at least on
my system)!

First, I set the number of instances preloaded to zero in the Control Center. 
That way I am starting clean each time I start konqueror.

To invoke the bug:

1.  Open the "Home Folder" from the system menu on the KDE taskbar.
     (notice that the blue gear icon spins continuously.)
2.  Click the "Split Pane top/bottom" button
     (double file entries _always_ appear in the lower panel.)
3.  Click the "Reload" button.
     (double entries disappear)
4.  Click the "Close active view" button.
5.  Click anywhere in the list pane, resulting in an instant crash.

This is not the only way to get it to crash, but it does work every time.

I have attached a screenshot (konqdup.png) showing my konqueror layout and the
duplicate entries in the lower pane.

A few observations:

1. I have added Split Pane and Close Active View buttons to my toolbar, but
using the menus works just the same.
2. I found that this procedure only works when I open konqueror from the system
menu. I have far fewer konqueror crashes (maybe none; I'll be paying attention
to this in the future) when I invoke konqueror from a desktop link icon.
3. When invoked from the system menu, the blue gear spins forever, but when I
open konqueror from a desktop icon it stops spinning as soon as the file list is
displayed (i.e. almost instantly).   Maybe this is more a system menu issue than
a konqueror issue.

Can someone see if they can reproduce this on their system?

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