[Bug 8009] Konqueror crashes sporadically in kubuntu hoary

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------- Additional Comments From dwaner at ucsd.edu  2005-03-22 22:39 UTC -------
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This is KDE 3.4 in ubuntu hoary, and my system is up to date.  Konqueror is the
only program that is segfaulting.

I've been trying to figure out how to reliably trigger this, but I can't yet
reproduce it on demand.
It sometimes occurs when konqueror is in the background and I quit another
application like evolution or firefox.
It also seems to be related to another konqueror bug where when I split the pane
in detailed list view, the new pane sometimes 
shows two entries for each file. Clicking reload corrects the display, but it
seems that once I have seen the double entries, a konqueror 
crash is likely to occur in the near future.

I'll keep experimenting and let you know if I figure out how to reproduce it

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