[kubuntu-devel] kubuntu seed questions

James Troup james at nocrew.org
Tue Mar 22 09:14:32 CST 2005

Jonathan Riddell <jr at jriddell.org> writes:

>> Finally, if kdesdk is going to be promoted to main it's dependency on
>> libdb4.0 is going to need to be fixed.
> Neither kdesdk or kdewebdev are on the CD so they don't need to be in
> main (although they are both important modules and would be nice to
> have in there).

Well, can you or someone else please either:

 a) decide that kdesdk isn't going into main and fix quanta and
    kdewebdev to not depend or build-depend on kdesdk

 b) decide that kdesdk is going into main and fix it not to use db4.0

?  We need to do one or the other.


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