[kubuntu-devel] Konsole (Administrator Mode)

Volker Löchte volker.loechte at web.de
Sat Mar 12 06:25:11 CST 2005

By the way starting the [konsole --type su] as different user, doesnt work so 
good as i thought. Starting the normal [konsole] as different user works 
better, but you are right.
Maybe it's best to simply remove the entry from the menu,
because most Ubuntu howto's make use of sudo too.

Am Samstag, 12. März 2005 02:37 schrieb Jonathan Riddell:
> On Sat, Mar 12, 2005 at 02:34:37AM +0100, Volker L?chte wrote:
> > Hi, since the 'Administrator Mode' of the konsole (system/other
> > programs/konsole (root mode)) needs the root password, it doesn't seem to
> > work out of the box.
> > But there is a quick workaround, if you add the checkbox (in the options
> > of the shortcut) 'start as different person' it shows you Jonathan
> > Riddell's patched KDE-su.
> >
> > This works fine for me, will you add this to the final kubuntu version?
> Is it really useful at all?  People who know how to use the command
> line can use sudo or 'sudo bash' at the worst.  I'm minded just to
> remove it.
> Jonathan Riddell

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