Pau Capdevila pau.capdevila at
Mon Mar 7 05:41:48 CST 2005


I tested a bit 3.4 packages...

The only glitch by now:

As dbus qt support was in (quite a headache in Debian) it detected my
5GB MP3 player but failed to mount due not being listed in fstab. It
should take into account that pmount thing isn't it?


On Sun, 6 Mar 2005 23:27:34 +0100, Pau Capdevila
<pau.capdevila at> wrote:
> I'm installing 3.4 packages...tomorrow I'll tell you about it.
> Someone in the list asked for vi. I've found that vim is actually
> installed but there's no alternative configured. You can launch it by
> it's binary name:
> cu

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