Kubuntu Live CD with KDE 3.4.1

Donatas G. ziogelis77 at takas.lt
Tue Jun 21 04:10:09 CDT 2005

2005 m. Birželio 16 d., Ketvirtadienis 16:59, Greg Taylor rašė:

> Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> >We have made a Live CD with KDE 3.4.1 and KOffice 1.4 beta on it.
> >
> >http://kubuntu.org/special-cds.php

now, from what source can I download the koffice1.4 beta to install on my 
kubuntu hoary? what should I specify in my /etc/apt/sources.list file?

I started installing koffice from the universe repository, but not koffice 
1.4, I would guess: koffice-data 1:1.3.5-2ubuntu1

Donatas Glodenis

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