[kubuntu-devel] Guidance on Kubuntu

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Jun 13 13:00:38 CDT 2005

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 01:35:05PM +1000, Luke Monahan wrote:
> While at home with an ear infection :( I thought I would have a look at the 
> guidance configuration modules available at 
> http://www.simonzone.com/software/guidance/ to stave off some boredom.  These 
> are a set of configuration modules for kde (integrated into kcontrol), 
> written in python.  Currently the following modules are written, with 
> possibly more to come:
> - serviceconfig (runlevel editor)
> - userconfig (user and group configuration)
> - mountconfig (/etc/fstab editor)
> - displayconfig (x-server configuration editor)

Great, guideance is definatly something we want in Breezy.

> Because these modules were written for Mandrake originially they need a 
> certain amount of "Kubuntuizing".
> So far I have all modules except displayconfig actually compiling and running 
> (thanks to sh for the python2.4-kde package).  I haven't done extensive 
> testing, but userconfig seems to work completely and correctly.  The 
> mountconfig module is also pretty close to working, with only a few little 
> errors, which I'll attack soon.

Are you sending your patches upstream?

Would you be able to make packages of Guidance (and libpythonise) or send me your patches
so I can make them?

> I'm now onto the runlevel editor, to see if I can get that to work completely.
> My current problems are:
> 1. Where do I get a description of an init.d script?  In Mandrake there seems 
> to be a convention of having a comment block beginning with "# description:" 
> in the init.d script, but no such conventions are followed in Kubuntu.  Any 
> ideas?
> 2. Where do I get the status of an init.d script?  In Mandrake the technique 
> is to use:
> /etc/init.d/scriptname status
> and read the standard output.  Unfortunately none of the scripts in init.d 
> seem to support the "status" command line option.  Any ideas on how to 
> retrieve the current status of an init.d script in Kubuntu?

I think you will need to ask on ubuntu-devel for that, I can't see any
easy way to do either unfortunatly.

Jonathan Riddell

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