[kubuntu-devel] Greetings

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Jun 6 16:27:40 CDT 2005

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 05:16:09PM -0400, Greg Taylor wrote:
> I was hoping to see what is going on right now in Kubuntu developer 
> land. I'd like to assist with packages and have read up on the Wiki 
> pages, are there any here that would be interested in mentoring me or 
> taking a look at my packages as I submit them?

Most of the active development takes place on IRC (#kubuntu etc) where
the lag is lower, but don't let us get you into bad habits.

Once you've made a package put it on MOTUNewPackages and we'll take a look.

What are you thinking of packaging?

Jonathan Riddell

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