Guidance on Kubuntu

Luke Monahan lukemonahan at
Sun Jun 5 22:35:05 CDT 2005

Hi all,

While at home with an ear infection :( I thought I would have a look at the 
guidance configuration modules available at to stave off some boredom.  These 
are a set of configuration modules for kde (integrated into kcontrol), 
written in python.  Currently the following modules are written, with 
possibly more to come:

- serviceconfig (runlevel editor)
- userconfig (user and group configuration)
- mountconfig (/etc/fstab editor)
- displayconfig (x-server configuration editor)

Because these modules were written for Mandrake originially they need a 
certain amount of "Kubuntuizing".

So far I have all modules except displayconfig actually compiling and running 
(thanks to sh for the python2.4-kde package).  I haven't done extensive 
testing, but userconfig seems to work completely and correctly.  The 
mountconfig module is also pretty close to working, with only a few little 
errors, which I'll attack soon.

I'm now onto the runlevel editor, to see if I can get that to work completely.

My current problems are:

1. Where do I get a description of an init.d script?  In Mandrake there seems 
to be a convention of having a comment block beginning with "# description:" 
in the init.d script, but no such conventions are followed in Kubuntu.  Any 

2. Where do I get the status of an init.d script?  In Mandrake the technique 
is to use:

/etc/init.d/scriptname status

and read the standard output.  Unfortunately none of the scripts in init.d 
seem to support the "status" command line option.  Any ideas on how to 
retrieve the current status of an init.d script in Kubuntu?

Thanks for any help,


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