Suggestions for two KubuntuDefaults

Christoph Wiesen chris at
Fri Jul 15 08:54:26 CDT 2005

Hello everyone,

maybe I can suggest some small changes to the KubuntuDefaults here.

Mostly I think they are fine for novice as well as advanced users, but there 
are two things that from my experience with most users are confusing:

By default all downloads (http and ftp) startet from Konqueror will open their 
own copy dialog - just like local copy operations will do. While this is 
expected (and imo good) for local copy operations, of which ordinary users 
usually wouldn't start more than a few at a time, this is confusing for 
Since the solutions already is in KDE my suggestion: Please enable KGet by 
default. It doesn't have to be running already but the first time it is 
started it asks if it should integrate into Konqueror - this should already 
be done for the user, since he probably wouldn't know about KGet in the first 
place otherwise. The way it is now they can't even resume remote file 

Second one is really simple if you know about it, but I've seen at least two 
of the users I gave Kubuntu to go uts over this;
By default every opened 'link', be it locally or a weblink is opened inside 
one and Konqueror window. It's easy to disable, but to do so you have to know 
where the option to "Open every Subwindow in already opened Konqueror, if the 
adress has been called externally" (something like that, using German KDE 
atm) - it is under "Web-Behaviour", where no user might find it, since it 
applies to locally opened folders as well.

That's the main problem btw. nobody would expect at first something, opened 
from a totally different place, espacially local folders to open inside the 
same window as whatever they already opened (and those to whom I spoke don't 
want it afterwards as well).

I hope I did explain well enough to understand - it's not that "tabs are bad" 
it's just that the current settings aren't intuitive (or useful) to at least 
the users I spoke to (that's the dad and buddy type, not something on a forum 
or the likes btw.).

Disabling this one option, will still maintain opening of every "subwindow", 
like pop-ups and _blank links open inside the same Konqueror Window as a new 
tab. Only(!) links opened from somewhere else (like System-menu) won't open 
inside that one Konqueror window already, open, but open a new one.

Maybe, if this sounds somewhat confusing or not like a good idea, we can 
discuss this? I really had some trouble explaining users, why their "Media 
devices" opened inside their web browser..


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