Would like a place to start

Bastian Holst bastianholst at gmx.de
Tue Jul 12 03:29:37 CDT 2005

I would like to help the kubuntu project, too, because I think Kubuntu is 
good, but it needs much work to be as perfect as ubuntu is already 
(update-notifier, synaptic usw.). 
I'm a not very experienced programmer, but i can code in Qt ( C++ - never 
tried python with qt ).
In IRC I am OculusAquilae or oculus.

On Monday July 11 2005 23:47, Akshay Dua wrote:
> Hi there,
> I would love to help. Just got started with kubuntu and want to help
> out with kynaptic or the update-notifier. However, what would be a
> simpler safer place to start?
> --
> Akshay

Bastian Holst
bastianholst at gmx.de

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