Question on the Kubuntu Userguide

Rajeev J Sebastian rajeev_jsv at
Wed Jul 6 16:13:19 CDT 2005

> As for the GUI apps, if I read the Kubuntu Roadmap correctly, if work on
> Kapture does not go ahead, then the job for devels will be to make Kynaptic
> the wiz-bang app it should be. Personally, I think it is better to focus on
> Kynaptic and make it great, but then I am not a devel. Perhaps one of the
> developers on the kubuntu-devel list can shed some light on what they will
> be doing and when.
Kynaptic lacks a lot of things (as compared to Synaptic). There is an effort 
underway to improve the apt frontend scenario, which will probably change 
synaptic as well. What is happening (afaik) is that a common library is being 
created to facilitate a "cross-desktop" apt front end.

Adding this functionality to Kynaptic would be a waste of time (unless the 
Kapture doesn't move forward as planned). From what I have seen of the 
initial efforts (someone on #kde-devel, I don't remember who), the new system 
is definitely worth waiting for.
> Somebody needs to quickly make some final decisions. I think it should be
> sooner rather than later, otherwise volunteering documenters will be hard
> pressed to do anything of quality for breezy.

This is true. But also, there are a ton of other problems as well. Kubuntu is 
just not integrated enough yet, especially with regards to being a general 
purpose desktop operating system. Your docs go a long way to bridging this 
gap, as is other efforts out there. Thanks to all of you !!

Rajeev J Sebastian

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