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Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Thu Feb 10 00:30:15 CST 2005

<quote who="Andreas Mueller">

> > Just poking at Kubuntu's initial seed lists, have some comments:
> >  * vino should not be in the seeds, KDE provides the same feature
> is there something compareable?

Yeah, there's something in KDE that does this already, before GNOME had it.
Perhaps it's called krfb?

> >  * you should probably swap xpdf for kpdf, given that it works well ;-)
> the past said it's good to have it also.

Probably safer, yeah. ;-)

> >  * tsclient -> kde equivalent (frontend to xvncviewer, rdesktop and
> > friends)
> rdesktop ? 

tsclient is just a little GUI wrapper for xvncviewer (for connecting to VNC)
and rdesktop (for connecting to MS Terminal Services). I'm sure there's
something like this for KDE.

> >  * you should be very careful about gstreamer depends for things like
> >    amarok-gstreamer - we don't depend on gstreamer0.8-plugins, because some
> >    of them are not appropriate for us to ship :-)
> isnt it, if i define a package, which depends on a glibs, the glib will be 
> automatically installed as depend?

I'm thinking about things like gst-plugins0.8-mad and stuff like that.

Actually, that reminds me - I should talk to you about arts. I've made a
package locally that doesn't depend on libmad, so we can get libmad out of
main. Not many changes, but I just want to make sure you're happy with it
before I upload.

> > Very keen to watch Kubuntu take shape! :-)
> Rock Jeff, thanks for your help. I'll shape it today, let's talk later about 
> them? Fine for you ?  


- Jeff

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