Kubuntu Beta / Test Releases?

chris at deadhand.com chris at deadhand.com
Tue Feb 1 04:21:29 CST 2005


I'd like to start some discussion on this list about if and how some kind of 
(beta) testing of "Kubuntu" / "Ubuntu/KDE" / ... might happen.

Actually I'd merely like to ask what your plans are. Will there be an 
installer cd of Kubuntu before release, or should all testing (if any on the 
side of users is desired) happen with an Ubuntu + KDE installation?

That's what I'm currently using. An Ubuntu (I think Hoary Array 2) 
installation stripped of most GNOME packages with KDE stuff added.
But of course it's me who decided which packages of KDE and which KDE-specific 
software were added (like amarok, kaffeine, akregator and so on) were added.
Thus it's not really Kubuntu - it's "my Ubuntu with KDE".

There are some minor issues, like;
- the directory icons in K-Menu not showing (for directories like 
"Accessories", "Games" and so on)
- aKregator kontact Plugin starts extremely slow, and aKregator handles a lot 
worse than in e.g. SuSE

And some others along those lines.

The most interesting thing about a Kubuntu test installation for me would be 
to see what can alreday be achieved (via GUI) out of the box. For example to 
set up ISDN or IR-connections I'd install several additional packages and do 
some trial and error right now. I don't use those technologies (only 
examples) myself but i guess they are expected to "just work" by some users, 
so I'd be here to test these if none of you devs gets around to this kind of 

I'd really like to test a vanilla kubuntu installation and look for such minor 
quirks or give some feedback on what packages might be "missing" from my pov.

Kind regards,

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