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Kevin M Kleinsmith k2 at
Fri Dec 16 22:21:49 GMT 2005

You can do this best by having multiple partitions. The boot images can
actually be in the same boot folder but I have seen conflicts that do
occur. Using GRUB/LILO you would just point to the image for Breezy
with one and Dapper with the other. Best to have separate.

VMware is a good option, but the 30 day thing is a pain and not too
cheap. You can apply for an educational license as a
developer/trainer/documentation person. You just have to go to their
website and look up educational license. You email them what you do and
they sometimes provide you with a free copy. Good PR and then the idea
is you promote the usage of VMWare.

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> Subject: Re: Question on multiple instances of kubuntu
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> Date: Fri, December 16, 2005 2:08 pm
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> I think if you need to get screenshots of boot up info, then your best bet is
> running dapper inside a virtual machine.  Either that, or a good setup with a
> digital camera pointing at your screen.
> I only know of VmWare, which has a time limited trial (30 days iirc) before
> you have to buy it.
> Does anyone know of a better (free-er) option?
> L.
> On Friday 16 December 2005 13:38 pm, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> > As I look at the getting ready for the push to start working on Kubuntu
> > docs, I was wondering if on my work laptop if there was a way to run both
> > Dapper and Breezy?  THe goal would be to keep Dapper up to date and be on
> > the bleeding edge w/o screwing up my day to day build.
> >
> > Also it would help to get the screenshots of the different splash screens
> > and boot up information.
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