splitting windows (Re: Krusader on Kubuntu CD)

Frank Schoolmeesters frank_schoolmeesters at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 14 09:15:12 GMT 2005

Hi Otto,

--- Otto Kekäläinen <ottolist at kekalainen.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm just wondering why did you choose to hide the "split window" feature in
> Konqueror? (it can still be controlled with Ctrl+Shift+L / T / R)

I know that you can use the "split window" feature in Konqueror,
but this is definitely not the same how Krusader works.

> Allmost every feature available in Krusader is available in Konqueror also,
> but the features have just been hidden in Kubuntu.
Sorry, but i disagree here.
Orthodox File Managers have numerous advantages.

>Maybe we should provide a
> power user -profile for Konqueror instead of Krusader..?
You will never have the same power like an OFM can give,
since Konqueror and Krusader philosophy of filemanagment are different.

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Konqueror is based on a one-panel filemanager,
Krusader is a two-panel filemanager based on the OFM philosophy.
like midnight commander, total commander, ...

Both Konqueror and Krusader do filemanagment, but the way
they do it, is completely different.
20 years ago i discovered the great old Norton Commander,
since then i (and many other users) only want to use a OFM filemanager.

In short, more reasons can be found in the first mail:
and in the replies

kind regards,
Frank Schoolmeesters

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