[kubuntu-devel] Using Rosetta for Kubuntu

Donatas G. dgvirtual at akl.lt
Tue Aug 9 04:20:24 CDT 2005

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Armin Ronacher ra??:
> Donatas G. wrote:
>>I am thinking of Kaffeine, amaroK, or the knetworkconf module, that
>>seems to be thrown into Kubuntu now while the mainstreem KDE will carry
>>it only in 3.5.
> ahm. not really? all of this listed applications remain in KDE.
> Regards,
> Armin

Yes. But the procedure of translating Kaffeine is: download file from
somewhere, translate it, send it to the mailing list (you also have to
subscribe to it). The same is true for Krusader (although it is not a
key kubuntu package).

Kaffeine pot file is not in the currently translatable stable
repository, it has it's own release schedule.

AmaroK is in the KDE trunk where development of KDE 3.5 takes place. Ok,
that is easier to get.

knetworkconf module is in the trunk again, in kdereview, and it took me
a while to get hold of it.

Would it not be nice if these kinds of apps po files appeared in KDE
rosetta a month or two before the official release of Kubuntu, so that
the translators (some of them, like myself, are not IT specialists or
programmers) could make Kubuntu more inteligeable to their own people?

I realize this is extra work that (1) might be uneasy technically for
reasons mentioned by Jonathan, and (2) that might not pay off...

Donatas Glodenis
KDE translation into Lithuanian coordinator
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