kubuntu faq suggestions

Lex Hider alexeijh at westnet.com.au
Sat Aug 6 01:55:51 CDT 2005


Spent some time today helping some people out in #kubuntu irc channel. Here 
are 2 topics which I think would be useful additions to kubuntu's faq.


Users need to be aware that the preferred way to install programs is via the 
ubuntu archives. i.e. apt-get install foo, or aptitude, kynaptic, etc.
I saw a couple of people with questions like:
* I've downloaded firefox.tar.gz, how do I install it.
* how do I install a deb. I have downloaded somefile.deb and want to download 

In both cases, the answer was: run "sudo apt-get install name_of_app".

I think the idea of the central repository for programs is a bit foreign for 
users coming from mac or windows. I think we need to make it clear the 
different way that kubuntu does this.

Others can use whether to recommend: aptitude, apt-get, kynaptic, etc.


What steps does one take when they are in need of assistance. From a bit of 
experience my own formula is.

1) search google, google groups and site:ubuntu.com.
2) ask on irc. If no answer inside of about 5 minutes, go on to step 3.
3) ask on kubuntu-users

I'm sure we've all seen frustrated users on IRC asking the same question every 
30 seconds. I think one reason for this is they are unaware of the different 
ways of getting help.

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