[kubuntu-devel] I has translate the Kubuntu Homepage in German

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Aug 1 04:53:16 CDT 2005

On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 11:18:42AM +0200, Marcel K. wrote:
> Hello Kubuntu- Devel World
> I has translate the Kubuntu Homepage! See on
> http://www.marcel.gamika.de for more information.
> I hope for feedback and more translation jobs. I working with the
> german community and hope for the help from this community ;).

This is cool, but to use it we need a version of the website that uses
gettext .po files so it can be reliably translated (via Rosetta).   If
anyone wants to have a go at doing the (the website is simple PHP)
that would be great.

Jonathan Riddell

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