Reducing seeking times of the livecds?

Furry Ball furryball at
Fri Apr 15 16:05:17 CDT 2005

I have pretty much always hated livecds. Now I tried Kubuntu livecd
for the first time and whoa. The first livecd I could really actually
use for daily stuff. One thing caught my attention though.

The startup times on the (K)ubuntu livecds are quite high. I know,
they are quite high for all the livecds around. Most of the time spent
is waiting for the cd drive to read. Or at least it seems like to me.
I just got this idea...

The most useless of that time is the seeking. It's still even on the
newest drives really slow, especially if compared to the sequential
reading speed (which is for large chunks quite nice actually). So why
not seek out for ways to reduce the seeking?

One scheme might be building small image of the startup phase stuff,
sequentially reading it to memory, booting from it and dumping it
afterwards.. Some of the very commonly used small programs could later
on still reside on the memory - providing the computer has enough.

Anything worth considering? I am completely unable to help
unfortunately but imho it might be nice if the startup times could be
seriously axed.

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