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Abdullah Ramazanoglu ar018 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 20 01:47:02 CDT 2005

Nick Loeve dedi ki:

> You should maybe have a chat with the docteam (i cc'd ubuntu-doc)! One
> priority for the next release is to have up to date gnome AND kde
> documentation.

That's good news! :)
Thanks for the tip. I've sent a mail to Sean.

BTW, I'd like to take this opportunity for a suggestion. I barely know how
docteam works (from what I skimmed on the wiki) so this has possibly been
considered already and dismissed as being lame. Anyway, here's my
suggestion FWIW:

I think it might be better to do a separation between "documenting experts"
and "content providers", just like a publisher and an author. This could
boost material input considerably. An author usually just wants to
document his knowledge/experience etc. in some format most convenient to
him. IMHO his focus should be on what he is good at, and he shouldn't be
burdened with peripheral requirements and overheads (docteam procedures,
rules, docbook/xml et.al. learning curve, etc). If a simple framework
could be established so that anyone can submit documents in -say- text,
html, or sxw/oot format (observing a few simple rules required by the
framework), whichever suits him, which is then processed by the docteam
and imported into docbook, then such a setup could provide an excellent
fertile ground for a lot of contribution. In that case, the core doc-team
probably no more provides content but just does engineering and publishing
(of documents), organizing (of content providers), and tracking (of both).
Isn't it more or less what publishers do? Another analogy would be debian
packagers (docteam) and upstream developers (content providers). Just my 2

Best regards
Abdullah Ramazanoglu
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