kubuntu ubuntuguide version

Abdullah Ramazanoglu ar018 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 18 10:10:18 CDT 2005

Peter Shillan dedi ki:

> I was wondering if anyone thought it would be worthwhile providing a
> version of the ubuntuguide page that is tailored for Kubuntu.  This
> would be pretty valuable to people who want to be KDE only and not
> install GNOME apps.

I've been evaluating the possibility of something like this, possibly
coupled with some automation scripts. I'm currently in the preparation
phase[1] but I can't give any words about how far I'll be able to go, for
the time being.

BTW I'm also looking for a host to use as a playground for such activities
(web space, download space, forums, deb archive space, maybe CVS...).
There's wiki at ubutulinux.org, and forum facility at ubuntuforums.org,
but I'm used to use wiki only for patchworks, various services are
distributed among sites, and some don't even exist. Any better ideas than
sourceforge? One thing I'll miss at sourceforge is that I can't have a
package archive[2] space there, AFAIK.

[1] Hunting for amd64 version of nvu, collecting material like ubuntuguide,
ubuntu-geek script, backports, official Ubuntu docs, etc.
[2] Possibly for some nonexisting amd64 packages I'll have to compile
myself, such as nvu.

Best regards
Abdullah Ramazanoglu
aramazan ÄT myrealbox D0T cöm

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