kubuntu ubuntuguide version

Peter Shillan peter.shillan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 07:28:53 CDT 2005

Hi there,

On 4/18/05, Donatas <ziogelis77 at takas.lt> wrote:
> Peter Shillan wrote:
> That would be usefull; but maybe another way would be to modify
> ubuntuguide to include KDE apps? (note that the "kde" is notoriously
> absent from the guide).

I don't think that is really an option.  After all, Ubuntu is a GNOME
distro and not a KDE one and it is reasonable that the guide would
only include GNOME stuff.  Isn't it???

> I would be interested to find out how to manage a firewall an easy way
> without installing firestarter and GTK :)

I used to use guarddog and found it pretty good.  It is in hoary, but
the version is rather out of date.  The version in hoary is 2.3.2-1,
but 2.4 has been stable since last year.



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